This Means War / No Restraints - Leave a trace (LP) translite orange Vinyl

This Means War / No Restraints - Leave a trace (LP) translite orange Vinyl
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These Split-LP will defintely "leave a trace" ovre a long time on your turntable....2 of the actual best European Streetpunk & Oi!/ Core-Bands on this great Vinyl, each with 5 new, exclusive songs!
"This Means War" report back 5 yars after their last release "Heartstrings" (Pirate Press) with changed line-up (new on guitar: Tom/ Ex Dead-Bleed & Steve Chron-Gen) new label, new son and starting a great Euopean tour for that release in November!
They stll call their music style  "Bleeding Punk" but there´s so much to discover in their songs and ingenious songwriting with tracks like "We owe the night" or "Raging Souls" that we just can say: What a great surprice, we´re flashed!                 

The Italian Oi-Core stallions from  "No Restraints" still make no prisoners, playing the perfect degree of hardness with a mix of aggressive singalongs,  excellent Oi-Core! with well well-dosed melodies, shouts & "Direct Hit-Punches"! more open questions  after their opener "Rough & tough"! Their influences and style combines everthing that is needed to crumble the walls of this sick & fale society!  Or to quote the refrain from "Forever in disguise" :  No chance to close your eyes.... 

We proudly presents "Leave a trace" on finest Vinyl!

Pressing Info: 500 Stück limitierte 180gr. Vinyl, Heavy Cover, Inlay in folgenden Farben:
100pcs black
200pcs translite blue 
200pcs translite orange      

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