Test Pressings - rare Vinyl for Collectors


  1. The test pressings that we offer are very high quality with nice quiet vinyl and perfectly flat.
  2. They were made to check the sound quality, and are not intern manufacture copies for testing the fresh stamps
  3. ALL of our label test pressings were limited to just 5 copies!!!
  4. From this 5 copies just 2, maximum 3 copies are for sale!!!!
  5. Normally the test pressings has just white labels and comes JUST with a clear sleeve!
  6. If we have extra Covers in stock, we will put them for free with the Test Pressing, but there´s NO GUARANTEE for a cover!!!
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Zebra Pistols - Nur der MSV (LP) TESTPRESSUNG
Shipping time: 3-4 Days
Special price 19,90 EUR
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Show 1 to 21 (of in total 27 products)
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