Subalternos - same (LP) TESTPRESSUNG incl Cover

Subalternos - same (LP) TESTPRESSUNG incl Cover
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Welcome to Brazil, Welcome to  São Paulo...welcome to SUBALTERNOS - simply one of the best South American subcultural bands, playing finest Punkrock for over 25 years now. So there´s no wonder that their great music getting more and more well known here in Europe and that we MUST release their marvelous sound here on Vinyl!
In 2018 the Streetpunks gave their debut at Blackpool´s Rebellion Festival on the "new bands" stage with that "Wow-effect" for the interested crowd.
A year later they entered the bigger stage as an insider tip, just to welcomed again in 2022 with lots of Punks & Skins waiting for their show!
No need to say that they are right established and will come back again in 2024 to Blackpool & for some European Club shows...
After we released 3 songs on the "Handful of Punk Vol.2" Sampler a few months ago....their new album is simply called "SUBALTERNOS"!

It contains 12 fresh melodic & straight forward Streetpunk-Anthems and right after the first seconds you hear that these folks are true and cast a spell on you.

limited "Heavy" 180gr. Vinyl only 300 copies in:
100 black
100 in red with black and blue haze
100 in clear orange with black lines

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