Coolidge - Condition Transmission (LP) clear vinyl

Coolidge - Condition Transmission (LP) clear vinyl
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ltd. colour vinyl incl. bonus tracks not on the original CD release; debut album by mid-west ska / powerpop / indie rock band feat. members of Johnny Socko

A1 Condition Transmission
A2 Stupid Little Song
A3 Barely Getting By
A4 Push Me Away
A5 I'm An Idiot
A6 I Deserve To Know
A7 Delilah
B8 Spinning Room
B9 We're Alright
B10 Stop Bringing Me Down
B11 Leave Me Alone
B12 I Don't Wanna Hang Out
B13 Luckiest Guy In The World

Sure, you could describe “Condition Transmission” by COOLIDGE as a power pop wolf in a skanking sheep’s clothing, but it’s probably easier just to call it by what else it is: sweet, sweet rock n’ roll. Rock n’ roll with upstrokes and horns and more hooks than your grandpa’s tacklebox, but rock n’ roll nonetheless. COOLIDGE is composed of former members of legendary midwest band Johnny Socko, and while a Socko show was always a party, it was also a clinic in musicality and how to be an indisputable badass at your instrument. COOLIDGE  brings jealousy inducing high energy proficiency, with a maturity that helps the band step out from their former group’s shadow and stand on its own. Replacing Socko’s abject silliness with heart on its sleeve sincerity and positivity, COOLIDGE manages to bring the wisdom of a few more decades lived to the table while keeping it upbeat and fun. It’s high time someone offered a third option to the rock n’ roll conundrum of “burn out or fade away,” and “Condition Transmission” delivers with a masterclass in “Grow up and stay awesome.”  {This was written by superfan Mat Alano-Martin}  Limited edition clear & translucent blue vinyl. Includes bonus tracks!

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